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850 Rs


Discounted Price:

600 Rs

Pre-test preparation or requirements

• 24 hr urine is collected and one venous blood sample in plain vial.

Tests included in package

Total volume
Proteins concentration
24 hr proteins
Creatinine concentration
24 hr creatinine
Protein/ creatinine ratio
Serum creatinine
Creatinine clearance

Significance of package

Creatinine clearance is used for GFR estimation as creatinine clearance is supposed to be equal to GFR.
Stage of Chronic Kidney Disease GFR

Stage 1: Normal Kidney Function >90 ml/min
Stage 2: Mild Loss of Kidney Function 60-89 ml/min
Stage 3a: Mild to Moderate Loss of Kidney Function 45-59 ml/min
Stage 3b: Moderate to Severe Loss of Kidney Function 30-44 ml/min
Stage 4: Severe Loss of Kidney Function 15-29 ml/min
Stage 5: Kidney Failure <15 ml/min

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