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Pre-test preparation or requirements

• Sample can be drawn at any time depending on doctor's advise.
• Sample should taken in Fluoride vial.

Normal range

  • Fasting  60 -100  mg/dl

  • Post prandial  60 -140  mg/dl

  • Random  60 -160  mg/dl

Significance of test

Diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus by ADA (American Diabetes Association):
Diabetes is diagnosed at fasting blood sugar of greater than or equal to 126 mg/dl

Result Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG)
Normal less than 100 mg/dl
Prediabetes 100 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl
Diabetes 126 mg/dl or higher

Random blood sugar Test:
This test is a blood check at any time of the day when you have severe diabetes symptoms. Diabetes is diagnosed at blood sugar level of more than or equal to 200 mg/dl.
HbA1C test: measures average blood sugar for the last two to three months. The advantage of being diagnosed this way is that it has no relation to food intake for timing of sample.

Diabetes is diagnosed at HbA1C level more than or equal to 6.5%
Result HbA1C
Normal less than 5.7%
Prediabetes 5.7% to 6.4%
Diabetes 6.5% or higher

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)
The OGTT is a two-hour test that checks blood sugar levels before and two hours after taking glucose.

Diabetes is diagnosed at 2 hour blood sugar of more than or equal to 200 mg/dl
Result Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)
Normal less than 140 mg/dl
Prediabetes 140 mg/dl to 199 mg/dl
Diabetes 200 mg/dl or higher

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