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1090 Rs

Pre-test preparation or requirements

• Sample can be drawn at any time. No fasting or special preparation required.
• Sample should taken in plain vial.

Normal range

  • 0-15 U/ml

Significance of test

The CA 15-3 is an epitope on a large mucin-like glycoprotein, which is a product of polymorphic epithelial mucin called MUC1. In breast cancer, the MUC1 mucin becomes aberrantly glycosylated, over expressed and released into circulation, as a consequence elevated CA 15-3 levels can be detected. Elevated levels of CA 15-3 antigen may also be present in those patients with non- malignant conditions such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, autoimmune disorders and benign diseases of ovary and breast.
CA 15-3 antigen has become a widely recognized breast cancer marker and has been shown to be more sensitive than CEA. The CA 15-3 assay may be of clinical value for monitoring the conditions of breast cancer patients undergoing therapy, as the increasing and decreasing values are correlated with disease progression and regression, respectively.

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