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850 Rs


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600 Rs

Pre-test preparation or requirements

• 24 hr urine is collected alongwith one serum sample.

Normal range

  • >90 ml/min

Significance of test

Creatinine clearance is used for GFR estimation as creatinine clearance is supposed to be equal to GFR.
Stage of Chronic Kidney Disease GFR

Stage 1: Normal Kidney Function >90 ml/min
Stage 2: Mild Loss of Kidney Function 60-89 ml/min
Stage 3a: Mild to Moderate Loss of Kidney Function 45-59 ml/min
Stage 3b: Moderate to Severe Loss of Kidney Function 30-44 ml/min
Stage 4: Severe Loss of Kidney Function 15-29 ml/min
Stage 5: Kidney Failure <15 ml/min

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