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Pre-test preparation or requirements

• Sample can be drawn at any time. But preferred on 2nd day of menstruation. No fasting or special preparation required.
• Sample should taken in plain vial.

Normal range

  • Male:  25-84 pg/ml

  • Female:

                       -Follicular Phase 20-138 pg/ml

                       -Ovulation Phase 100-440 pg/ml

                       -Luteal Phase 31- 317 pg/ml

                       -Postmenopausal 25-84 pg/ml

Significance of test

Estradiol is secreted at varying rates during the menstrual cycle. Estradiol levels are lowest at menses and into the early follicular phase and increase in the late follicular phase to peak just before the LH (Luteinizing Hormone) surge, which is initiating ovulation. Estradiol levels begin to decrease as LH peaks, and then increase again in the luteal phase. If conception does not occur, estradiol decreases to its lowest level, which is followed by menses. If conception occurs, estradiol levels increase rapidly during pregnancy, stimulating endometrial growth with progesterone. At menopause, estradiol levels remain low. Estradiol Levels can be used for monitoring ovulatory status and reflecting follicular maturation, because the ovaries produce most estradiol in normal women. In addition, the measurement of estradiol level is important in evaluating sexual development, etiology of amenorrhea, causes of infertility and menopause. Abnormally high levels in males may indicate feminizing syndromes such as gynaecomastia.

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