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Pre-test preparation or requirements

• Sample can be drawn at any time. No fasting or special preparation required.
• Sample should taken in plain vial.

Normal range


Significance of test

The available research data indicates that Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is caused by HIV virus and is transmitted by sexual contact, exposure to blood or certain blood products, by an infected mother to her child during pre-natal and post-natal period. The two types of HIV viruses (HIV-1 & HIV-2) have been isolated from patients with AIDS and AIDS related complex (ARC). These two viruses belong to the retro virus group and are slow viruses. In individuals infected with HIV, antigen appears first before anti-HIV but due to seroconversion, the antigen is lost and antibody develops within 1-2 months after infection and thereby the level of the antibody increases. MICROLISA HIV (Ag & Ab) detects anti-HIV ENV (envelope) antibodies to HIV-1 / or HIV-2 with equal reactivity and HIV-1 Antigen can generally be detected in acute phase and during symptomatic phase of AIDS and antibodies can be detected throughout the infection. It has been observed that the core protein of HIV-1 show cross reactivity whereas envelope proteins are more type specific and moreover antibodies against the envelope gene products can be found in almost all infected people. MIcrolisa HIV (Ag & Ab) is extremely sensitive and specific using recombinant proteins; gp41, C terminus of gp 120 and gp36 representing the immunodominant regions of HIV-1 & HIV-2 envelope gene structure respectively and HIV-1 p24 antibodies.

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