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750 Rs

Pre-test preparation or requirements

• Sample can be drawn at any time. No fasting or special preparation required.
• Sample should taken in plain vial.

Normal range

  • 3.2 -19.6 ng/ml

Significance of test

Folates are a class of vitamin compounds with similar chemical construction and bioactivity, which are necessary for DNA synthesis, amino acid metabolism, red blood cell regeneration and other metabolic, pathways. In virtue of various enzymes in the different metabolic pathways, different metabolically active forms of folate are generated, in which 5-methyltrahydrofolic is the major form of circulating folate. Folate deciciency can result from low dietary intake, malabsorption, heredity, folate antagonist, alcohol and oral contraceptives, pregnancy. Folate and vitamin b12 are associated with the methionine synthesis reaction. A deficiency in either can cause megaloblastic (macrocytic) anemia. For tthis reason, it is usually necessary to determine both folate and vitamin B12 in order to diagnose the etiology of anemia. Folate levels in serum or plasma reflect recent folate intake, and red blood cell folate measurement more reliably reflect the tissue folate levels. Low red blood cell folate levels more closely correlate with megaloblastic anemia.

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